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do u get visions like me?

hey wassup it's ur emo girl and i guess i'm staying up all night so yea... my depression is giving me lack of sleep so yea... i'm going to be sleeping in school somehow lol who cares... so do u literally have visions? and also check out my test Life or Death?, Are u one of my stalkers?, do u go mad like me?, do u HATE justin bieber?, Emo or Scene?, and etc.


what kind of visions do u have?



ok so most of these questions will ask u if u had any visions like mine or simular



did u ever had a vision of getting into a bus crash (like a bus collides into ur bus while ur going to school)?



did u have a vision of losing ppl u love/care about? (like they died or were killed or no one caring about u anymore)



did u have a vision of losing a young cousin (ages 11-13+) of suicide?



did u have a vision of seeing ur own death?



did u have a vision that u ended up in the hospital? (for what ever reason happened)



did u ever had a vision that u lost ur family (it's just at home family and including siblings) and u became an orphan and was able to live with ur bestie?



what is your biggest fear?



if u are like me try to get help or find someone to talk to ok? and others do it if ur friend is going through this ok?


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