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Are you anorexic?

- I'm not anorexic myself, although I do know some people who are.
- If you are, the only thing I can say is to eat a LOT and possibly seek some help. :P
- So just take the quiz to find out how anorexic you are...or if you are/aren't anorexic at all! And if it deserves a good rating, please rate it well.


First of all, how old are you (it doesn't affect the quiz, just curious is all :P)



What best describes your body type?



How many meals do you have on a daily basis?



How often do you "purge"?



Are you okay with your body type?



How many hours do you spend exercising every day?



Do you THINK you are anorexic?



Do you ever try to avoid meals?



If you are/As you are anorexic, will you go for help? (Does not affect grade.)



My advice: Just eat. Simple. No, eating regular meals won't give you +350 levels of fat and possible kill you, but skipping meals, purging, and all that can harm you. Just sayhin. (As this is the last question, it doesn't affect the grade.)


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