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Emo or Scene?

hey wassup it's the emo girl u love soo much tht u can squeeze me death :D so before i say anything check out some of my other tests like Do u like rock bands, How well do u know me..., Are u a total sl*t, and Clique test (which in tht test i'm not judging u at all or labeling). ok so u want to know "am i emo or am i a scene" but u don't have to wonder anymore and it's fine to be who u are just express who u are ik what it's like but emos, scenes, and goths are as special as other ppl. I <3 EMOS they're awesome and i do like goths and scenes too (but this is just determining if ur emo or a scene) BTW if ur an emo guy or a scene guy you're hot ;) just like the others :D ok before i start staring at emo guys shirtless and start drooling let's get this done and over with


guy or girl? (before anything starts)



ok what do u wear casually? (i can't spell well)



hair color



do u cut? (btw not all emos cut plus i feel bad for the ones tht do :( my friends done it and they quitted)



what do u think u are so far?



just out of curiousity what do u think of me so far?



Age? (sorry tht was random)



random question: do u have a creepypasta living inside u?



Any band interests? i love BVB,skillet, flyleaf, A7X (avenged sevenfold), falling in reverse, escape the fate, fireflight, papa roach (still kinda getting to know the band), evanescence, SWS, PTV, nickelback, 3 days of grace, paramore, daughtry, and so many others



ok if we were to meet one day how would u think i would react to u? be honest


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