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How much do you know about EXO's Kai?

As you may know, Kai is a member of the twelve member group EXO. They debuted with Mama, with MV's for songs such as What is Love and History. Finally coming back in 2013 with Wolf and a repackaged edition with Growl! And now, they have had another comeback in 2014 with Overdose. Do you love Kai and want to see how well you know him? Take this test and you'll find out!


What is Kai's real name?



What is his role in Exo?



Which date was Kai born on?



Who's Kai closest to in SHINee?



In 2012, Kai joined Luhan in a commercial ad for Hyundai Motor Company, what was the name of the song?



What is Kai's Power?



How did Kai get into SM Entertainment?



Kai is known for being the first member of Exo to have a teaser for their debut, which date was the teaser released?



Kai also joined S.M. Entertainment's dance group with Lay, what was the group called?



Personally what do you think about Kai? (Kyungsoo wants your best answer)


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