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Clique test

hey it's the emo girl you always hate XD i'm just kidding about the hate part (well the preps may hate me) lol so test urself and see what clique (ur results) will be truly u and don't flip out if u get a clique tht u majorly hate JUST DEAL WITH IT LIFE GOES ON! and boys taking this try to do my latest test which makes me sound like a total sl*t called do i turn u on? (boys 10-20) and yea have fun


Before things start... boy or girl?



what do u think about often?



what would u do if someone got hurt by falling down the stairs?



Let's say you're emo like me and someone called u a freak show what would u do?



let's say ur a nerd/geek and someone threatens to hurt u what would u do?



Let's say ur a jock and u see a beautiful girl from the emo clique what would u do?



Let's say ur a prep and someone punched u in the nose which is ur hater if ur the most popularist girl in school what would u do?



let's ur an other so which clique would u say is the best (in ur opinon)?



whatcha doing? (i ran out of ideas)



Random question: do u say random things for fun?


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