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Would you Survive #2: School Shooting

Its just one average school day...when a psycho breaks in and causes havoc! Can you survive!??!


It is one average, normal, boring school day when suddenly the Public Announcement system is on and the principal urges everyone to go under lock-down drill procedures, and its not a drill. Suddenly, there is a shot and the system goes dead. What do you do??



The teacher tells everyone to hide. Where do you hide?



Who do you hide with?



What (school) weapons do you carry with you?



You are walking down the corridor with a kid (not very friends with him), when you hear a smash behind you. What do you automatically do?



You are hiding with your friend in the library behind a shelf, when suddenly the killer walks inside and starts looking for kids. What do you do?



You are sprinting down the hall when suddenly a wild substitute teacher appears. It seems as though she came AFTER the P.A. warning, so she has no clue about the impending danger. She stops you in the hallway and tells you not to run in the halls. The noise is attracting the Killer. What do you do?



You and your best friend are hiding in the Music Room, with the lights off. On the teacher's desk, your friend finds the teacher's phone. Its under password lock, so in order to use it, you need to guess the pass code!
The music teacher's house number is 2345, her name is Georgina McQuire, has a boyfriend named Bryce, and loves the cello. What is her password?! (try to guess which one is most important in her life!)



Whatever you did, you've successfully opened up the phone. The music teacher's phone has just a little battery life, so that you can only perform one service. What do you do??



Through an order of events, the school killer now has some random fat kid, your best friend, and you all tied up as hostages. He asks you which one of you he should kill first. What do you do?



Through another order of events, the school killer is chasing you and your best friend down the halls of your school (you make up what happened to the fat kid) You have a couple of choices. What do you do?



Through ANOTHER set of events, you wind up with a handgun loaded with one single bullet and the killer, who is unarmed. What do you do??



It is the aftermath of the school shooting. A lot of people, like the stupid substitute, a few of your close friends, and a couple of teachers have died. Pretty sad, right? What do you do, now? (does not affect score)


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