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Are you a Boss?

Are you actually a boss? Why not take this neat little compiled quiz I have made to find out?


How boss do you think you are?



When you were born, your first words were "______"



A bully is chasing you at school. What is the MOST LIKELIEST thing you would do?



You are in a rap battle against someone. Who do you listen to, beforehand, to get motivated and amped up?



You want to impress your crush (girl/boy) from school. What do you do to get them to like you?



A bully from school wants to fight you after school is out. Everyone knows and will be watching. Its almost the end of the day, and you are sweating like crazy. What should you do in the fight?



One day after school, your friend texts you and lets you know someone is having a huge blowout party, and everyone will be there. However you have a ton of homework. What do you do?



You're trekking alone in a forest, when suddenly you come across a ginormous bear. What do you do?



There was once a famous English explorer who trekked Africa in the 17th century. While there, he encountered a lion and actually wrestled it. He nearly lost his arm, but he won the fight. Do you think that this is okay?



You are stranded in a desert, in need of water. What do you do to get this moisture?



What are you afraid of?



You are trying to get some money from a locked safe. How do you get the safe open?



At school/other social places...


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