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Are you the right? (Girls)

Hi and welcome to my test!
I made this test to see if you are the right for me. Even if you do not score high, there will always be someone out there just for you :) Never give up, you will find true love when time has come! :)


Let's start with some basic questions. None doesn't really matter, so on these first questions there wont be no points ;)
What color hair do you got?



Sounds fair enough! :)
Hows about the eyes then?



This one won't affect score either ;)
Hows your body?



Okay, now the test can really start.
What do you look for in a boy?



Hows your personality then?



How tall are you?



Do you like a sporty kind of guy?



Do you play any sports? If which :)



Do you like to be spoiled?



Do you like animals? which is your favorite?



How old are you?



How do you like your hair?



Would you like to cook with your boy friend?



Do you like dancing?



I think that can be enough questions ;) However this is me:
I got brown short hair, dark blue eyes. I am 5,9f tall. I love to care about people's feelings. I am muscular, practicing material arts and swimming many times a week. I got A LOT of money, which i love to spend on my girl friend. Hope you like being spoiled ;) I do often go out and dance, love it badly. One of the best things i know is to cook with my girl friend. I am pretty smart, love reading. I can also be random, and people tell me that i am funny. I am soon 16 years old, i am pretty special and mature for my age. So are you still interested?


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