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Does your BFF really like you?!

Hey, soooo...sometimes best friends are downright awesome but some are cheats that only play along with saying, "Yeah I'm your bestie," to try and deceive you. Hopefully this test should help you to decide whether your friend is the best or a traitor!


Firstly, how long have you known your bestie for?



Do you ever catch your friend throwing dirty looks at you?



Does your BF ever blame you for things that in truth aren't your fault?



Apart from you, how many friends does your bestie have?



Does he/she spend most of her time with you or his/her other friends?



For the second part of this test, I will give you a situation and you must explain what would happen in it.

Number 1: You were unable to go to your bestie's birthday celebrations because you were on holiday at the time, and you apologise to him/her. What would your friend do?



Number 2: You tell your bestie your biggest, most embarrassing secret he/she promises not to tell anyone. What would he/she most likely do?



Number 3: You ask your bestie to be partners in class. What is he/she most likely to do?



Number 4: You buy tickets for you and your BF to see your fave band live, what is he/she most likely to do when you show them the tickets?



And finally; do you and your bestie share similar hobbies/interests?


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