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Will you survive the Hunger Games?

Do you have what it takes to survive the hunger games? Well take this quiz to find out. I believe this is a well made and accurate quiz. If not remember this is my first quiz. If you get a bad result in the end, dont b**ch and complain about it, just accept and be happy :). Ok so the start is just a few physical details, and then the rest is about the games. So enjoy this quiz. I hope you enjoy this quiz.


How old are you?



How tall are you?



How strong are you? (age)



Running Skill



Can you hunt, not with Guns?



At the training centre what do you do first?



The gong rings!!!!! The game has just started. The biggest weapons and archery are located closest to the cornucopia. Layer around the outside are water jugs and small daggers. What do you do?



Where is your hideout in the arena???? It is the first night in the arena.



Who is your Ally?



You are armed with a: "Remember your answer"



A tribute that is bigger than you is armed with a small knife, you are safely hidden in the bush 5 metres behind him. What do you do?



You are starving, so much you are struggling to stay concious . 4 of the 5 careers are sleeping, with one who is guarding but isn't paying attention. There is a deer cooking in the fire close to the sleeping careers. You are armed with a small knife. Do you?



There is a feast going on. You are sick and need medicine, you are about to die. You see 4 bags including yours. No one has run up, to get anything. What do you do? There are 2 careers still alive.



Everyone except you and another tribute are alive. The other tribute has done nothing to you, and is physically similar to you? You are both armed with a dagger. What do you do?


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