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Could you survive a vampire attack?

It is up to you to survive this day, will you willingly let yourself fall into their undead grasp or will you stand and fight!


Your read your newspaper on recent murders in local areas around your town. They warn you not to leave the house at night, but your best friend is having her birthday party tonight, Do you...



You decide to go out to the party, do you take any weapons out just incase?



What weapon do you take?



Arriving at the party no one answers the door, what do you do?



You manage to get inside but when you do you see the party room you come across a wave of bloody dead bodies, do you?



You begin to run out of the house when you run straight into someone else!



The person you ran into was your best friend who is sobbing. You find out that someone came into the house and killed everyone! Then you see a dark bloody figure down the street, do you?



(Pretend you chose to run) You and your friend sprint off down the street, but when you turn and look in front of you the figure is standing 4 metres away from you, what do you say?



He laughs at you and grins revealing two long sharp teeth covered in blood. "I am a vampire sweetie, would you care to join me?".



You manage to get inside a building without getting caught, what do you do next?



You manage to get to the woodwork room, what weapon do you take?



As you head back into the halls, you hear the front doors smash open and the man enter. He runs at you as the final battle has begun.



He swings for your head



He swings a kick for your chest



You manage to dodge his attacks and he stubbles a bit



You manage to hit him but he gets back up and launches himself at both you and your friend.



He crumples down dead on the ground, but its not over yet.



(Regarding the previous question)Do you?


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