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The Dog Lover Test

You should know that it took a lotta hard work for this test.But that doesn`t matter.What matters is that cat lovers are like tomato soup,something that you eat ONCE IN A WHILE when you`re really hungry,but dog lovers are like that awesome rockin` soup or food that`s your favorite.Dog lovers unite!(Oh by the way,if you`re not a dog lover,please refrain from taking this quiz.)Have fun!


What do you think of Dogs?



Do you think Dog Haters stink really bad?



Do you think Cat Lovers should be kept in cages or chased by dog lovers all the time?



Do you like looking at dogs?



What do you think dogs are here for?



Do you like petting dogs?



Do you have a subscription to a dog magazine?



If you get a bad grade,are you gonna join the cat lovers or another animal group?


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