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Ultimate Scenarios! Bathroom Edition!

Test through multiple scenarios! Will you make it to the toilet on time? Will you be able to make it in the stall? Find out now! Just scroll down!


You are late for a very important meeting with you boss. You've been having to go to the bathroom for hours. The bathroom is on floor 20 while the meeting is on floor 5. You will...



You make your way to the meeting and the urge to go is stronger than ever before. But if you leave, you just make yourself more late and raise suspicion with your boss.



It's only 15 minutes into the meeting and your squirming around in your chair like crazy. Your boss notices and dismisses you.



(If you chose 'Go to the elevator.') You go to the elevator. It's out of order.



You are finally, after flight through flight of stairs, at the 20th floor. The bathroom is right down the hall.



Your at the doorway. You walk in and there's a massive line to the 5 stalls there are.



The line clears up after a half an hour and your finnaly next in line! How do you feel?



The stall opens! You feel so happy that you can finally go. But... the person who had it first was a fat guy with bad gas...



(Whether or not you chose number 2, you end up going in that stall) The smell is so terrible, you want to vomit. But that would only make the situation worse.



(If you chose 2, you get thrown out and fired) You make it back to the meeting to find out its over! This was the best day ever!



Should I make more tests like these?


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