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Naruto, the REAL test

Can you answer all these questions correctly? They are fair, and precise. They do not adhere to "what if" scenarios, and are tailored directly for "true" naruto buffs and fans... take test, see if you got what it takes!


During the Chunin Exam, team 7 and their cohort Kabuto cross paths with three masked shinobi. To which village do those masked shinobi belong?



During the Chunin Exams, Sasuke finds a deadly opponent who is later revealed as Lord Orochimaru. Which jutsu does Sasuke use to defeat this oppoennt, just before he is afflicted by the Curse Mark?



During The Chunin Exams, both Naruto and Sasuke are rendered unconcious for some time, leaving Sakura to fend for herself, when three shinobi attack her while she is guarding the two unconscious boys. What village do the attacking shinobi belong to?



During the 2nd round of the Chunin Exams, Naruto is paired to fight with kiba. Which secret technique does Naruto use to defeat kiba?



During the 2nd round of the Chunin Exams, a Unique Ninja tool is used that mimics a ninja tool used by Zabuza's team mate. What tool was it?



During the 2nd round of the Chunin Exams, Temari battles Ten Ten from team guy. She defeats Ten Ten after which condition Teamri set comes to pass?



During the final phase of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke reveals a new technique. What is the name of that technique?



How many different face paint styles does kankuro don throughout the anime and manga series?



Sasuke eventually joins the Akatski. Which numbered tailed beast does he fail to capture for the Akatski's secret plan?



Naruto trains under the toads of mount Myaboku. Did naruto master the Toad Melding jutsu?



Shortly after leaving Mt. Myaboku, Naruto discovered that Pain had leveled the Hidden Leaf village. He sensed that one of his closet friends was no longer emitting a Chakra Signal. Who was that shinobi?



During Naruto's Battle with Pain, he performed a new feat of ninjutsu with an already famous jutsu he had perfected Yamato and Kakashi. Which jutsu did he change?



Within the Akatski group, which ninja pair, are considered as the "Artists"?



All of Haku's Jutsu can be completed with on-handed seals...



Concerning both the anime and the manga, how many creatures can Sasuke summon?



Hypothetically, if you were in command of a range of water jutsu, which of the following jutsu could you use to most logically and efficiently counter a grand fireball jutsu? (This one is tricky, but has a very logical reason to its answer, and requires an advanced knowledge of casting certain jutsu's, making it a bonus question to secure a possible higher grade).



Gaara dons a Japanese kanji tattoo on his forehead. What dose the kanji chracter mean?



Shadow Clone jutsu contains a unique hand seal. There are many, but which of the following jutsu contains a unique hand seal?



Minato is the master of which jutsu?



The tough one. . . During the Ninja war, a battle breaks out among the company that is fighting on the shore line. The instrument used to seal silver and gold belongs to which village?


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