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r u being bullied?

I hope ur not being bullied... Just remember that this test might not be exactly right, so if its wrong then im so sorry. I was being bullied for 3 years and for half of it i didnt realize i was being bullied. Remember, a bully will pick on u b/c she/he is insecure so no matter what, just love urself and ignore mean ppl. :)


Do u think ur being bullied?



Do u think ur beutiful?(just to see if you are affected by a bully calling u ugly)



Are u bullied @ home, school or work if u have a job?



Do u feel scared to go to the place ur bullied at?(home,school)



Would u tell anyone that u were being bullied if u were?(bff,mom,bf)



If a bullie hits u, do u hit them back?



Are u terrified of him/her?



Do u cry b/c of kim/her?



R u wondering who kim was from the last question? I meant him but wrote kim oopsie:)



Did u enjoy my test? (Doesnt effect results)


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