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The CrazyCreative Writer Test

Are you a crazy, out-of-the-box writer?

1) Do you consider yourself a writer?

Well, maybe, kinda

2) Do you write?

I don't WRITE write, I just...you know, do blogs and stories and stuff.

3) Did you answer the same to the above questions?

I guess

4) Do you make up stories about the people in the cars driving by you on the road?

Um, no.
Totally! Yesterday I saw this person who looked really sad, and I figure she...

5) Do you talk to inanimate objects?

Of course!
Um, no.
Only if no one is watching.

6) Do they talk back?

In my imagination, yes.
Hello! Of course.
Uh, "inanimate" means it can't talk.

7) Have you ever created a world (in your head, or with toys)?

No, I just read about other people's worlds.
Probably...when I was a kid.
It's my favorite place.

8) Have you ever created a language?

What's a world without a language?
I thought about it, but it's too complicated.

9) Do you ever talk out loud in a nonsensical language?

What? Why would I do that?
Yup, and sing in it, too.
Only if I'm alone in the house.

10) When you hear a writing prompt, do you think of a story that deals with the opposite of it, but somehow make it fit the topic?

Um, how does something opposite fit in the topic?
Totally. I get annoyed if I can't think of something out-of-the-box.
Sometimes I try.

11) Do you get the giggles about nothing in particular?

Yes, hehehe.
Why would I laugh if there's nothing funny?

12) Do you consider yourself weird?

Yup, and proud of it!
I hope not.

13) Do you feel disappointed when you realize there are other people out there who are as strange as you are?

Sigh. Yes, I like being uniquely weird.
No, it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone.

14) Do animals (including wild ones) have personalities and great adventures?

I guess...
Well, sure they have personalities, but "adventure" is relative.
Did you know my cat is a secret agent?

15) If you get scared about something you can't change, what do you do?

Make up a story about the worst thing that could happen, and then imagine myself saving the day and being a hero!
Feel nervous.
Try to ignore it.

16) Do you take online tests about how weird/nerdy/insane you are?

What do you think I'm doing right now?
Sometimes, just for fun.
Only when someone pushes me into it, or I'm really bored.

17) Do you grumble about how low your scores are, and decide it's a stupid test?

Yes. Stupid test.
No, it makes me feel more normal to get low scores.
I don't really care.

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Test by: Amy Sparrow, www.sparrowsflight10.blogspot.com [ edit ]

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