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The Who to Vote for Test

For the undecided voter, a simple test to help you find which party best represents you.

1) Disengagement

Disengagement was bad for Israel
Disengagement was good for Israel
Disengagement was bad for Israel, but I'm happy it's done
Disengagement was good for Israel, but I'm upset that it was done

2) Religion

Judaism is central to Israel's identity
Judaism has no place in defining Israel's identity
Judaism is good at home, but not in the street
Judaism should have nothing to do with the government

3) Economics

Minimum wage should be raised - workers must be protected
Free market should rule
The government has an obligation to supply jobs to its citizens
Free market should rule, but social concerns must be considered

4) Settlers

Love 'em
Hate 'em
Bring 'em home
Every Israeli is a settler

5) Chareidim

Keeping Am Yisrael alive spiritually
Minding their own business
A Jew is a Jew

6) Army

Must do
No way
Good for some, not for others
Nation service of some sort for all

7) Free speech

Must be protected at all costs
Must be protected by limiting it

8) Democracy

An elected representative can do whatever they want during their term
An abused term in Israel
Israel is a shining beacon
We need direct representation

9) Civil Rights

No respect for them in Israel
Not for everyone
World leader

10) Taxes

Current tax levels are needed to run the government properly
Taxes are too high
Taxes are too low

11) Hate: The group I hate the most...


12) Arabs

Fifth column

13) Aryeh Deri

Not Guilty
Don't care

Please allow up to 15 seconds to process your score.

Test by: JoeSettler http://www.joesettler.com [ edit ]

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