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The hottie Test

Only take this test if you feel you have the capacity to learn what a real hottie entails. The best way to be a hottie is to have a hottie tell you what it is like to be one. A hottie is a absolute cute and deluctible person who has all the qualities of being hot.

1) Do you brush your teeth?


2) Do you dress with style in mind?

yes, I always think about what I am wearing
No, never
I don't care what I look like

3) Do you get your hair styled at a salon?

Every 2 months
every 5 months
once a year

4) Do you eat with your mouth closed, have good table manners?

Yes, I don't eat like a farm animal
No, open mouth while talking is the cool thing to do
Most of the time

5) Do you wear up to date fashion jewlery and accessories?

Yes, whats in is in , whats not is not hot
No, that stuff is junk
sometimes when i go out of the house

6) Do you wear jogging pants and t shirts to a fancy restaurant?

Yes, comfort is in
No, why would i dress like that?

7) Do you use underarm deoderant?

Yes, as a smell cover up
Yes, as a regular hygeine product
sometimes, if its hot outside

8) Do you know what make-up is used for?

Yes, its to look like a circus performer
Yes, its to accent a complection
No, what's that junk anyway?

9) Do you guzzle out of a can or do you sip out of a glass?

sip out of a glass
guzzle out of a can
sip out of a can

10) Were you born out of a hospital or out of a barn?


11) Do you use more than 6 swear words in a day?

depends on my mood

12) Do you prefer no bra and comando?(women)
Do you prefer comando?(men)

Yes, unbridled chests are comfier
No, i wear a bra
comando is hot!
i only wear tighty whities

13) Do you workout and eat a balanced diet?

Yes, 5 times a week
Yes, 3 times a week
Yes, 2 times a week
No, i rather watch television and eat chips

14) What would you rather do for fun?

Read a book
Bar hopping
Amusement park rides
Sky diving
Browse the internet

15) What do you wear on a date?

dress pants and a nice shirt(guys)
short skirt and sweater(girls)
sweatpants and t-shirt(both)
long black dress(girls)
shorts and tank top(girls)
dirty sayings on dirty t-shirt and ripped jeans

16) what would you use to carry your identification and money in?


17) Do you make it on time to important appointments?


18) Do you know what colors are the in thing to wear right now?

i wear neutral colors
i wear black and neon yellow
i wear pastel colors

19) Do you know how to write a book report on recycling?

sort of
whats a book report?

20) Do you live in a city or do you live out of town?

out of town
outskirts of a city
mostly populated area the way i like it
very unpopulated area the way i like it

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Test by: sharknuts75 [ edit ]

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