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Science - Hell - The Demo

After having wreaked his share of software havoc on the world, Bill Gates dies some time off into the future as an old and criminally wealthy man. When he "wakes" up again, he is standing by two escalators. One goes up, the other goes down. Beside him is Saint Peter.
"Bill, my boy. It seems you have lived a life that warrants both hell and heaven equally. You get to decide where to go yourself."
So Bill Gates decides he'll make an informed decision. First he checks out Heaven. It's just like the preacher in church always said, lots of white, gold, clouds and little annoying cherubs.
And then he checks out Hell. To his surprise, it has air-condition, powerful computers, all running Windows, and best of all, lots of skimpily clad programmer babes waiting on his every command. Without hesitation, he says his goodbyes to the Saint and takes the escalator down.
However, on his arrival, a surprise awaits him. Hell is stuffy, devoid of anything running better than Ms/DoS and worst of all, the skimpily clad programmer babes are gone. He immediately picks up a cell-phone and calls Saint Peter and demands:
"What the heck is going on Pete? When you showed me Hell it was full of chicks and powerful computers and... Chicks!"
Saint Peter replies: "Sorry Bill. That was just a demo."

Rating: 3.69

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