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Blonde - Doors And Doors And Doors And Doors

There were three blondes who were trapped in a huge dark room that contains only one door. A loud voice coming from the roof said "There is no electricity in this house, no lamps, nothing. You have to go through that door or die. The door read the word caution and one blonde said you cant make me go through this door!! Then she got torn apart by two chainsaws and without question the blondes ran through the door.

Now there was a green door and a red door, and they both went in the red door.

Then there was a black door, a blue door, and a pink door, they went through the black door.

Then there was a steel door and a wooden door, they both went into the steel door.

Then a small door and a large door, they went through the small door.

Now they were in a huge room containing a rope, a sharp knife, and an electric chair. The voice coming from the roof said, "How do you want to die, with an electric chair, a rope, or a sharp knife?"

One of the blondes said "I want to die with a knife!"

The other one said, "I want to be killed with the rope!"

A few moments later, after the blondes were dead, the voice said to himself, "I did tell them there was no electricity in the house, didn't I?"

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