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Other - Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were out on an investigation. That night they had to camp down outside as part of the surveillance.

As they were both lying down, Holmes looked up and sighed. "Hmm... the stars" he muttered.

Dr Watson, not wanting to be foolish, as Holmes often ridiculed him, spoke. "I suppose, Sherlock, you want me to deduce our very existence"?

Holmes replied" Yes old boy, fire away".

Watson retorted, "Well, as I look up at the stars in the sky, I imagine how futile and lonely our existence due to the vast distances of the universe. I imagine the darkness as a void to be never discovered by man and that we are trapped on this solitary planet. Are we god given or from a seed of alien debris. One will never know."

Holmes curtly replied, "No you fool, somebody has stolen our tent!"

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