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Other - Wishes

Three men were out rock climbing when the got stuck. They were 400ft high on a ledge on the face of a cliff. They say there for what seemed like hours trying to figure out how to get down. All of a sudden a light shined from above. A giant voices spoke to them. "My children," the voice said, "you have devoted your entire lives to ME, so I will grant you each one wish. The one stipulation is, you have to make the wish after you jump off of the ledge, once again proving your faith."
The first man thought for a second, then jumped. "I want to land on a pile of pillows!!" he shouted. Poof!!, a pile of pillows appeared and he landed safely.
The second man thought for a second, then jumped. "I wish I had wings". Poof, wings appeared and he flew to safety.
The third man thought and thought for many minutes. An imatient voice from above said "I don't have all eternity"
The man continued to think, not sure what he wish for. All of a sudden he felt something bump him from behind, knocking him off the ledge.
"SHIIIIITTTTTT" he yelled on the way down.

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