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Other - Don't Swear !!

A man went to confession one day. "Forgive me father for I have sinned," he said. "It has been four years since my last confession." "ok." said the priest. "What did u do?" asked the priest.
"Well father" the man began, " I skipped church yesterday and went to golf with my friends" " Ok.." said the priest "say 2 hail marys and a glory be"
"father that is not all!!"said the man. "While I was at golf, I swore" " when did u swear?"asked the priest?
" well firstly" began the man, "I hit the ball and it ended up on a dirt hill" "Is that when u swore?" asked the priest
"No father" replied the man
"then, a squirrel came up, snatched the ball and carried it up into a tree"
"Is that when you swore?" asked the priest
"No father" replied the man
"Then an eagle came and snatched the squirrel in its talons"
"Is that when u swore?"
" No father"
"Then the squirrel dropped the ball"
" Is that when u swore?"
" No father"
" And the ball landed two inches from the hole." said the man
" Is that when u swore?"
"No father"
"then I picked up my club and hit the ball"said the man
"Don't tell me u missed the @#$% hole?" replied the priest

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