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Sick - The Doctor And Patient

one day, a man came into the surgery and said "D-D-Doctor C-C-Can Y-o-u h-h-help me, I've got a bit of a st-st-stut-t-ter" so the doctor told him to lay down on the bed, take his clothes off so he could examine him. so, the doctor finished examining the man and said "yes, i see the problem here, your penis is so big that it is pulling down on your vocal chords, this is causing you to stutter, in order to stop this, you will need a tansplant to get rid of the excess weight on your penis, will your wife approve of this?" the man immidiately replied "Doc do anything, my wife will be fine" So the doctor did what was needed, and the man had the operation. A month after the operation the man returned and said "Doc, I'm so sorry, but My wife isn't happy with it, can I have it all put back on please?" the doctor replied "a D-D-D-Deal's a D-D-D-Deal!"

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