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Joke Title Rating
Top 10 Dog Peeves About Humans 3.60
Down A Hill 3.59
Three Wishes 3.52
Randy The Rooster 3.45
Pa Wont Like It 3.43
Chicken Little 3.41
Awesome Dog! 3.40
Peacock Son 3.35
Getting Fixed - Bad, But Good 3.34
The Elephant And The Camel 3.31
Fire Fighting Animals 3.31
Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf 3.31
Two Blind Men And Their Dogs 3.16
A Bear And A Rabbit 3.15
Clean Joke 3.14
Browsing 3.14
The Blind Guy And The Dog 3.11
Turtles 3.09
Cow Tails 3.09
Three Bears 3.09
The Talking Millepede 2.90
Bunny Joke 2.89
Is That A Poster! 2.88
Fbi Canine 2.87
Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? 2.87
Animal Football Match 2.77
Fishtank 2.73
Gay Dinosaur 2.61
Three Guys And A Cow 2.61
Fast Turtle 2.54
Snail 2.48
The Hole 2.48
Two Cows 2.45
Geese 2.23
My Teachers Neighbor 2.17
Deer 2.16
Dog 2.14
Nobel Prize 2.14
Horses And Screwdrivers 2.09
A Tiger, Lion, And Jaguar... Oh My! 2.01
Two Clams 1.96
Chicken 1.92
Fishyies 1.81
Cows 1.73
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