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would you survive in harry potter?

voldemort and his army of death eaters plan to defeat harry and take over hogwarts. harry and dumbledore's army want to defeat voldemort and end all of it. which side are you on? what would you do if ou were a student at hogwarts?


which house do you want to be in?



you see harry, hermoine and ron sneaking around after bedtime. you...



you and your friends are wandering in the woods after bedtime cause one of them dared you to do so. but unfortunately dememtors are patrolling the grounds at this hour. few of them come towards you. one of your friends trips and a dememtor starts sucking out her soul! what do you do?



harry has gathered everyone and is telling them about dumbledores army. he asks everyone to write their names on the paper if they're in. what do you do?



snape asks you to spy on harry and his friends for a day and promises to give you amazing grades in your potions class. do you accept the bribe?



Umbridge asks you if you have seen any suspicious activity around the school (with that weird look on her face). what do you say?



good news! you just learned how to make love potions! who do you give your first sample to?



the war is about to begin. death eaters are attacking hogwarts. one if them storms through your dorm window. he lifts his wand and points at you. theres chaos in the dorm everyone is running around. you go....



somehow you survived the death eaters. you go looking for your friends when you come across hermione who is trying to fight nagini, voldemort's snake. what do you do?



you get past nagini and see the sword of gryffindor on the ground! what do you do?



last question: the war is over, voldemort is dead. hogwarts is taking student votes to appoint someone as their new headmaster. whom do you vote for?


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