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how long will you live when zombies come

if you want to know how long you will keep kicking after zombies attack and i like zombies and that is the main reason i wrote this test


where do you live?



if you heard about zombies on the radio right now what would you do?



you have friends and family with you and run outside what automobile will you pick?



your travelling in your car and see a group of survivors running away from some zombies what do you do?



you spot a herd of zombies coming over a hill but you see a large bag of guns, and a large bag of ammo for your guns what do you do?



you have found a super market what do you do?



where would you rather camp?



you are overrun at your camp and you have your family and friends all being eaten what do you do?



your all by yourself and everyone you know is dead what do you do?



you are surrounded what do you do?


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