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Tsunami Survival Part 1

The tsunami is coming, and are you prepared for one? This quiz will test you if you are prepared for a tsunami and if you will ultimately survive one. You will either be a good surviver or a victim of the tsunami!


Do you know what is a tsunami? (Doesn't affect score)



Do you know how to survive a tsunami? (Doesn't affect score)



Do you live in a place where tsunamis would likely to occur?



[Hour -7]
You are just watching the news, and the reporter said that a tsunami is heading to your area. What will you do?



[Hour -7] (P2)
You decided to bring some people as your team for evacuation. Who will you pick?



[Hour -7] (P3)
Your team can only take a few items for the evacuation. Which supplies will you take?



[Hour -5]
You have gathered your supplies but not sure what vehicle to take to evacuate. What is your vehicle of choice?



[Hour -3]
Someone claimed you are halfway out of the area in tsunami alert. Suddenly your vehicle breaks down because it ran out of fuel. What will you do next?



[Hour -2]
You've finally found another vehicle to drive, but you noticed the water at the coast is slowly retreating. This is a serious sign that you are heading for the coast, and you're running out of fuel. Fortunately, there is a gas station nearby. What will you do?



[Hour -1]
You came across a store with your team. You went in, and found out that the store nearly ran out of items, but some of the supplies weren't taken. What will you take?



[Hour 0]
You've finally arrived at the tsunami shelter, but you just noticed the tsunami is just behind you. What will you do?



[Hour 0] (P2)
Your team and you have been in the shelter for a few minutes. It's densely crowded, and you feel uncomfortable. Suddenly, you hear a cracking sound, and noticed the door is about to break. What will you do?



[Hour 1]
You are now in the safer area. Suddenly one of your teammates got a severe cut in his skin and will develope an infection. What should you give him?



Now you've completed the first part of the test, what challenges do you think would occur in the next part?



Do you think this test is boring? (Doesn't affect score)


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