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Are you Random or Not?

Answer these questions to test just how random you are!


Do you ever ask questions like "If your favourite animal was a zebra, what would your second favourite australian animal be?" or along those lines?



Do you ever blurt things out in the middle of conversations, such as "I LOVE turtles!"?



When you're having a conversation, does the topic ever change suddenly and un-explainably? E.g. one second you're talking about homework, the next second chocolate pizza, the next rabid squirrels?



Do you ever spout odd facts such as "didja know there's such thing as blue monkeys?" or "didja know you'll DIE of you eat 7 bananas in 10 minutes??"



spaceship is to stars as flashlight is to...?



when i say HIPPO you say...



Have you ever put ketchup on pizza just to try it out?



Do you consider yourself random?



Do you hang out with people whom you consider random?



Okay, last question. Only one answer will get you points. You have to be TRULY random to guess which one. the question is (drumroll) Bacon-Burger-Cheesy-Burger!?!?


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