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do i have a chance to be a singer

i am trying to see if you will ever become a singer


have you ever been scared to sing in front of people



did you ever have a dream that you were singing in front of people



do you ever think that today you are going to get a random call without sighning up for anything and people whant you to be on disney channel



people at my school say that i can sing and i have a bad voice well what would you say if you where in this stiuation what would you say



are you in a band



if people did see you sing but in your room cause ur scared in front of people and they asked you to sing in front of a live audeince with taylor swift or jessy macartney what would you say



what happend if you only got one chance to sing but in that one time you messed up what would you do but wait you could still act and do stuff



why do you think you will become a famous singer



how did you find this test



have your friends ever told you that you will become a famous singer


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