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Are you a Blonde?

This test will determine whether or not you are a TRUE blonde. I have taken a lot of blonde tests that are made up of mostly stereotypes. This, however, is based on my life experiences of times when I was blonde.


First of all, are you a natural blonde? That does NOT include dyeing it blonde!



Have you ever walked into a glass window?



Have you ever given your dad the mayonaise when he asks for the mail?



Have you ever gone to the refrigerator with a cup, to pour yourself a drink, left with the juice and remembered you left the cup in the fridge?



Have you ever been told a joke and then laugh at it another time and people stare at you?



Have you ever tripped up the stairs and a teacher laugh at you --- and then refer to you as "Klutz" infront of the entire class?



Have you ever gone to drink out of a straw, miss and then have it stick up your nose or in your eye?



Do you forget things you are asked to do 5 to 10 seconds after asked?



Have you ever screamed "Hey! Hey you!" to a person in the mall that you think you know but mistakenly don't?



Has anyone insulted you and you stood there in your mind thinking of a comeback and then blurt out the comeback about 20 minutes later?



Have you ever gone to put away some rubbing alcohol after cleaning a cut and put it in the oven?



Have you ever sung a song in your head and typed it up in word document when you were writing an essay for school?



Have you ever tried to make chocolate chip cookies by the instructions on teh box and see that they come out looking as dark a dirt, as flat as paper, and as hard as a hockey puck?



Have you ever noticed that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the ABC's song has the same rythm!!!!!????



Do you think the creator of this test is blonde?


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