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Urban Warfare: Can You Survive?

You are a corpral in an infantry platoon in the U.S. Army. You have an M16A3 assault rifle and an M40A3 sniper rifle. You also have M67 frag grenades and M18 smoke grenades, which obscure you from the enemy. Being a corpral, you may give orders to Privates and PFCs, but are subject to orders from your Sergeant and higher ranks.

You are stationed 22 miles from Seattle, Washington when you get word of the invasion. During the night, China launched an amphibious assault against West Coast cities. Seattle is one of them. Your platoon, and others, are mobilized to drive the assault back into the Pacific Ocean. Can you?


Your platoon has been ordered onto armored troop transports to liberate Seattle. You are driven towards Seattle and spot a barricade ahead. It cannot be moved around.



Your platoon moves ahead. You enter the edge of Seattle. Maching-gun fire erupts from nearby shops.



Your sergeant orders all troops out of their transports two blocks down so the transports can create a fallback position. You can't use them. As you advance up the street, the soldier next to you is hit by sniper fire.



You are ordered to clear out an office building across the street from you. There is an enemy armored car two blocks away. How should you cross the street?



You enter the office building with your squad. How should you clear it out?



Your men are ordered through a public park. You expect an ambush by the path intersection ahead. What do you do?



You come across a Chinese communications vehicle that the rest of the U.S. forces missed.



A tank is guarding the nearby intersection, and your forces cannot move to their objective until it is taken out.



You are within sight of the waterfront, your ultimate objective. As you advance, you notice a door cracked open when all other shops on the street are closed.



You arrive at the waterfront. A transport ship is three piers away, ready to evacuate enemy troops.



With the ship neutralized, you recieve new orders: flank the Chinese position along the waterfront. A portable anti-tank rocket launcher and machine guns are set up on the road parallel to the piers of the waterfront. Your platoon can't advance otherwise.



The position is vacated; the defenders have fallen back. The position is now yours.



High command orders the attack to continue, and sends more troops. They set up the defensive position, and your platoon is asked to move ahead. There are two options.



You decide to move into a shop, but a machine gun opens up on your forces. The defenders that vacated the defensive post cannot evacuate with the transport ship destroyed.



Your forces are in control of the store. In the basement, you discover an ammo dump, full of enemy machine guns, rifles, and anti-tank weapons.


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