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The Second Food Handler Test

Take this test to see if you understand the second foods handler's lesson.


The most common food handling mistake is



Consumer control points are



Store food properly by



You plan to cut chicken first, then carrots for a salad. After cutting up the chicken you should



You had buffalo wings delivered, then left the uneaten wings out all night. What should you do with them?



When using a microwave to thaw meat, poultry, or fish



Leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator in



To safely prepare leftovers



When packing raw hamburger patties for a cookout at the park, you should



When grilling meat outdoors, you can avoid cross-contamination by



All cooked, potentially hazardous food that is leftover from a meal must be stored



Most pathogenic bacteria prefer conditions that are



Most types of bacteria cannot live in foods that are



We refrigerate and freeze food to keep bacteria from multiplying. Prepared food that is not kept either hot or cold is in the Danger Zone and gives bacteria a chance to multiply. This Danger Zone lies between what two temperatures?



Pathogenic bacteria require time to multiply in a warm, moist, protein-rich environment. They must be in the Danger Zone for more than _________ to reach dangerous numbers that can cause foodborne illness.



Bacteria wouldn't multiply very fast on corn flakes because



An orange is an acidic food. If left at room temperature for more than two hours, is it safe to eat?



Beef jerky is shelf stable and safe to eat because



A chicken salad sandwich left in the Danger Zone would make a good place for pathogenic bacteria to grow because



You bring a sack lunch to work, but find out the boss is buying everyone pizza, so you decide to have that instead. Three hours later, you want to eat your lunch as a snack. When you come to the leftover chicken sandwich, you decide to



You bought a hamburger on the way home from work and were about to eat it when your buddy dropped by and wanted to hang out somewhere to play pool. When you come home four hours later, you notice the hamburger sitting where you left it. You know it's been in the Danger Zone for more than two hours, but you feel a little hungry because all you had was popcorn and peanuts. You should



Your significant other bought steaks at the grocery store but while unpacking the groceries, received a phone call. Forty-five minutes later, you notice that the meat is still sitting out, wrapped in plastic. You should


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