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Rate my weight gain

Hello! B4 we do this just warning you if u do not like feeding, fat, or weight gain, DO NOT TAKE THIS TEST!! thx!!! Anyway, I've been trying out overeating this week and here's the weeks results so just rate them, 1-5, 1 being worst 5 being best! Rip my stomach for wearing the same shorts everyday for these pictures, by day 4 I was struggling 😭


Monday: had half a bag of chocolate wafer cookies and a giant donut. Chugged some soda. Rate my gain:



Tuesday: pizza (three large slices), two plates of mac and cheese, another donut, more soda. Rate my gain:



Wednesday: cheeseburger, small milkshake, big cookie, leftover donut from the box I got on Monday lol. Rate my gain:



Thursday: pasta, two bowls cereal, chicken w BBQ sauce, and of course more soda. Rate my gain:



Friyay: sugar cereal, big glass of juice, two cookies, and enough soda to drown in. Rate my gain:



Saturday: stack of pancakes, cheesy eggs, a few sausages, and got some more donuts lol. Rate my gain:



Now you: your gender?



Not being weird or anything, but age range?



Should I gain more?



Did u like this test?


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