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Should I gain or lose weight?

Over the past few years I've developed a soft doughy gut and am wondering if I should gain or lose this test will contain old clothes, buttons popping, and lots of belly fat.


This shirt is from 4 years ago, I can barely button it and sitting down a button pops.



This skirt is from the same time as the previous question, again a button pops when I sit



Going forward, this shirt is from 3 years ago, is a bit looser than the previous shirt but the buttons strain and one pops when I sit and lean forward.



SKirt from 3 years ago, goes over hips and thighs but I can't get it over my gut



Shirt from 2 years ago, covers belly but looks like I'm 6 months pregnant



Skirt from 2 years ago, can usually just manage to squeeze my tummy in but I drank a coke and ate a cookie and it said not today



SHirt from last year, a bit loose but outline of belly is pretty clear



size medium super skinny jeans (top view) my belly is blocking most of my foot and part of my toes.



Sitting the the previous pair (2-3 inch overhang and love handles are tight)



Scenario questions! We are on a date together and I'm hungry. Where do we go to eat?



On our date, my pants button pops and my belly rests in my lap. What do you do?



Pretend we've been dating for two months. I've put in fifteen pounds of fat and calories, what do you do?


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