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am i a bad person

i will state some things about me and you will judge my morals, thoughts and choices

idk why im being so dramatic lol


i will always be there for my friends if they need to talk about something important and im busy with school. i will stop doing the hw to talk to my friend and try to be the most supportive and understanding as much i can even if my friend doesn't make any sense to me i will try my best to listen



im pretty judgy about the way people look...if i think ur ugly i dont wanna be friends w you and i dont really wanna be friends with fat people or people with ugly clothes either



my best friend's ex talking stage flirted w me and i flirted back with him once but i dont like him and i wouldnt date him



i try my best to understand people and feel sympathy for them even if they don't make sense to me, im very forgiving and trusting



apparently im 25.5% more narcissistic than the average person...probably because i have very high self esteem and have no problem lying to others if i feel like they wont be hurt by it and i will benefit



i shoplift because im bored and it gives me adrenaline, not because i dont have enough money



i am a very understanding person and will try to listen to all sides of a story before picking a side



im not homophobic, racist or transphobic



im a very polite and respecting person



people have told me im a very sweet and friendly person



im just really not a judgmental person at all like i try my best to understand why someone did what they did instead of assuming theyre a bad person...i have to really know someone to say theyre a bad person



not related but how do u think your self esteem is



overall would u say im a good or bad person


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