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Would I date you? (Boys only)

Hey, I'm 16, a g.a.y boy, and I would like to see if anyone would like to date me. email me at sheldonbob1999@gmail.com


Hey, To start off, I am male, 16 years old, chubby/fat, pretty short. I have brown eyes, and goldish hair. This sounds:



In my opinion, I am funny, smart, and caring. I like reading, sleeping, and watching movies.



For me, An ideal first date would be either watching a movie, or a picnic. I would buy the stuff for you, and if things are going well, I would invite you to a second date. What is your ideal first date, and what do you think of mine?



As I said before, I'm pretty chubby and short. What do you think of that?



My favourite foods are: Pizza, Noodles, and cake. What's you favourite?



I love movies and TV shows. I love the marvel cinematic universe, horror movies, supernatural, b
but also comedies. My favourite shows are: Stranger things, the 100, and Modern Family. What about you?



How old are you?



I like bigger guys, and muscular guys. I don't find most skinny boys attractive but some, I do. You are:



So overall, I'm a funny, chubby guy who likes watching movies, sleeping, and eating. What do you think?



My email is sheldonbob1999@gmail.com
would you email me, and maybe we could start talking?


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