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Omorashi Challenge

This test is for people looking to play with their bladder. You are scored in two ways: bladder stronkness, and question reached. The higher the question you reach without losing control (some spurts are acceptable), the better. The more ambitious you are in responding to each question, the higher your stronkness rating. Drinking more, using more diuretics, taking more time, and stressing your bladder more add to stronkness. Peeing does not.


We'll start simple. Get a large supply of water and a diuretic (such as soda, coffee, tea, or water tablets). Bring a towel and spare clothes. Go pee before you move on.



Simple as it goes: drink.



We're going to get that water moving through you. Like air bending, but with... yanno.



A wizard has cursed your hands, they must be cleansed!



Phew. All that cleansing is thirsty work!



Whatever you passed the time with, you now need a break.



Lustful thoughts cloud your mind



Probably handwashing time again...



Water is getting boring, take a diuretic. Either a water tablet with some water, or something like tea, coffee, or soda.



Now for a real challenge.



You're taking the bus to somewhere. You can choose the route, but you must also drink. You may not leave your seat. You cannot hold yourself.



Check your bladder bulge in the mirror, if you have either.



I'm sure your urges are getting to you now. Let's make it "easier".



Take another diuretic.



Story time. Imagine you are Sammy. Sammy woke up this morning, with a very full bladder. Sammy went over to the bathroom, but found the toilet was broken. Sammy was concerned, but knew there was a public toilet nearby. Sammy got dressed, taking care not to stress their bladder, took a refreshing drink of water to cleanse their mouth from the night, and set off.

As Sammy walked, their bladder pulsated with each step. The weather was as a cool summer's morning. But the air was dry. On the way to the toilet, located in the local park, Sammy passed a water fountain. Knowing the toilet was nearby, Sammy risked a drink. A few minutes later, Sammy reached the toilets, but found them locked.

Though the day was pleasant, and Sammy would have loved to water some plants here, the space was too open to pubic view. So Sammy walked on, looking for someplace to pee.

Sammy passed over a rushing river, through breezy walkways, and past many people enjoying the day. All the while, Sammy's bladder pulsed, and ached, and pushed against their waistband.



Congrats on getting this far, if you did. As a treat, go watch a video about peeing. Any sort, but it must involve peeing.



Return trip on the bus. It's two ways, my friend. You must make the same choice as last time. If it causes you to pee before the trip is over - too bad!

Remember: Don't leave your seat, and don't hold yourself.



Time for a stretch, and a walkabouts



Time for another toilet break ;)



Technically this only counts as the second challenge



Well done! You've made it to the last question. Be sure to read all of this. Out loud, if it helps to concentrate.

By now you will have answered many, if not all the questions above. On each question, the last option was in case you did a wee during the question. For each question after you lost control, respond as though you peed in THAT question. This will give you an accurate score.

If you had a stronger bladder, you will have lost control much later. And for that I congratulate you. If you got ambitious, and took the harder challenges (which were usually the later options), you will have a higher score even for the same number of questions completed.

If you made it this far without peeing, you have my permission to pee. Or to go over the test again, until you do wet yourself. We'll call that a "prestige run".

No matter your result, you can always try again later. Try to reach higher questions, and/or try to complete the harder challenges. Improve your score, and have fun!


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