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Scrabble test

Hi! :-)
How much of an expert at scrabble are you? Take this test to figure out! :-)
Some questions on this quiz score more points than other questions on it.

Whatever your result is, thank you for taking this quiz! :-)

(A post by Ivokyuftaf6666)


Have you ever played Scrabble before?



How many languages have you played scrabble in?



Imagine that …
If you won a scrabble game against an easy bot, you would get 1 piece of anything you love,
If you won a scrabble game against a medium bot, you would get 2 pieces of anything you love,
If you won a scrabble against an expert level bot, you would get 3 pieces of anything you love.

Which bot would you rather play against?



Do you think logically about your moves, while playing a game of scrabble?



How frequently do you play a word with all of your tiles on average?



Do you create your own scrabble strategies and follow them during a game of scrabble?



If at the beginning of a game of scrabble you got a rare letter, scoring 8 or 10 points (such as J, X, Z or Q in English scrabble), how would you rather react in most cases?



If you could do both things in a game of scrabble, would you rather play…



If one of your tiles was a blank tile, and all other tiles had only vowels or only consonants, would you rather...



What is the highest number of points, that the word “Scrabble” could score in the English Scrabble (with all bonuses but without the other words in the move)?



In the way you play the scrabble game, when a word is challenged, does this lead to a skip of a turn?
(This question does not affect your test result, it is just for the statistics, out of curiosity.)



Do you sometimes play Scrabble solitaire?



What is the difference between the rules of the Outspell Scrabble and the Classic Scrabble?


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