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Your Custom Story!

Enjoy making a story :) You can choose what you look like,what you are,what you do


What Do You Look Like



Where do you go?



When you go there you do what would need to do but when you exit the place three kids laugh at you



You do what you wanted to do and they walk away and laugh you go to the abandoned warehouse to get supplies because of rumours of a Zombie Apocalypse



You can't grab everything you need so you decide this is your bunker for the apocalypse you set up and you hear noises from outside



You do it but they broke down the door but dont head for you they head beside you, you realise there are zombie eggs



After thinking you decide to run you find a two potions



You drank the red/blue one if you chose red you dont feel so well if you chose blue you are now immune to the zombies (dont change it)



You find a mysterious figure who says
Red potion people: If you want to end the apocalypse end yourself
Blue potion people:you...brave person but you made a sacrifice you will fade away in two days if you dont drink this
He shows you the red potion



If you do what he says
You die
If you dont
The apocalypse has ended and you survived!


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