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am i fat

pls pls pls pls pls pls pls


i am 14, i am a male, i weigh 480 pounds, and i am 5 foot 6 is that:



i have 7 large fat rolls is that



my belly button is so big i can fit a Ping-Pong ball inside it easily also maybe even a tennis ball



i have so much belly fat, i can easily grab 8 or 9 inches



i can fit both my hands under my belly



my belly is so big, when i wear a belt not that tight it can hang down up to 7 inches. with a belt as tight as possible my belly fat can hang down 9 inches



i have humongous moobs that can easily fit into a large bra.



if i sit on the floor my belly fat spills onto the floor.



i gain 3-4 pounds every day, but if i tried i could gain ten. (the most pounds ever gained in one day was 23. i ate pizza and other food nonstop.)



i have very large pockets of fat under my armpits



my belly bulges out of my stomach for 7 inches



i have so much fat that if i was standing and put this computer under my belly it would stay



i tried an experiment today: i put on a button down shirt from second grade. it had 6 buttons, i couldnt get the last one, i ate for a solid 5 minutes before the first button popped. then i ate for 6 minuts and 2 more popped. that makes me



overall you think i am


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