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welcome to the real world

think about each question long and hard, like your life depends on it.


you are at school, suddenly there is an announcement over the intercom: "this is a lockdown, NOT A DRILL" than a gunshot. what do you do?



you are 5 and are at the store, suddenly a man starts to punch a lady and grab her purse. what do you do?



there is a school fight. what do you do?



you have been invited to a party of a lifetime there will be plenty of girls/boys there. BUT you have a test that counts for 5% of your grade tomorrow. what do you do?



there is a fight you can pick one thing. what is it.



there is a zombie outbreak who do you take with you



your finals are tomorrow, its 11 O'clock. what do you do?



what do you do if a boy/girl says I love you?



do you hate it when people are like "did you like this quiz?"



did you like this quiz


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