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I will make you pee

I need to pee so let's So lets who wins!


On a scale of 1 to 9 how bad do you need to pee?



Stroke your area then push HARD on your bladder for twenty seconds



Think about a flowing river.... (Oh man I gotta go!)



Imagine you are in front of a big g crowd. You are busting, but I really isn't a good time. Everyone is staring at you. Suddenly, you feel a spurt. You look down and your and jeans are damp. Oh no. You can't stop. Pee flows down your legs. You are mortified but sweet sweet relief feels so good! (Dang it I'm busting!)



Turn on the tap and think about a yellow waterfall.....



Step into a cold shower just until you are wet then step out. Don't dry off. How do you feel? (Oh, my bladder....)



On a scale of 1 to 9, how are you now? (I'm a 9!)



Try to tickle yourself, or get someone else to tickle you



Sit on the toilet without pants on, but leave your undies. (Oh man, I'm desperate!)



Go drink a large cup of water then push your bladder against a counter (Oh no. I am soaked, but I'm still not empty...)



And now... Punishment for if you peed! (I got my bestie to write this part)


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