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Will you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

This quiz will cover Survival skills, First aid, coping skills, and the knowledge you'll need to survive! Are you good enough?


You sit down on a couch to watch some news, and you hear that a mass panic has started. Many are saying that 'aggression in corpses" are to blame. What will you do first?



Right before you get ready, you hear a plea for help form someone outside. You look out the window to see a woman getting chased by a zombie! she is covered in blood and will not outrun the zombie. What do you do?



If you do not have any guns in your house, what will you use as a weapon? (only pick a option that you currently have in the household)



If you DO have guns in the house, what will you choose (you may pick from any even if you don't own one")



If you decide to stay home, What will you do inside?



Once most of the chaos has died down, What will you do with your free time?



On one occasion, you trip, and fall to the ground hard. You find a large cut on your kneecap and it starts to fountain out blood. You have no first aid kit with you. What will you do?



You get back to base, but your out of first aid. You wait to see if it will heal after a few days, but then it gets swollen, purple, and looks a bit green. You then ask someone in the house to go to the nearest pharmacy for medicine. They radio back to you once they get there, and are asking what to get.



What group size would be optimal in a zombie apocalypse?



Were would you shoot a zombie to kill it (For real, not holy wood and move style. Take a moment to think about it)



After a while, your group decides to move somewhere new to stay. were do you go? (your around the center of the USA)


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