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How good are you at running away?

Ever since the stone age, people have been running away from things. We ran from mammoths, bears, other humans, hurricanes, cockroaches, and our problems and emotions sometimes, but we're not talking about that. Now, running away is an important skill that is very useful in real life. Just robbed a bank? Run away. Something dangerous? Run away. So don't you want to find out how good you are at running away? You can find out by taking this test.


Do you have legs?



If you do have legs, how long are they?



How fast are you?



How many pairs of running shoes do you have?



How often do you run away?



Are you familiar with the Joestar secret technique?



How much dignity do you have, 1 being none, 9 being a lot



How much do you weigh?



How long can you run?



You find yourself fighting some Aztec gods. You quickly realize that you have not trained your magical breathing power you were going to use against them enough. They are a lot stronger than you. What do you do?


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