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Could you survive The Rake?

The creature that comes out in the darkness to hunt and ki-ll all living things, will you survive?


You awaken in the darkness, you're cold and a flashlight that's near you is on, you decided to grab it and start walking around, suddenly you heard someone screaming, what will you do?



You found a barricaded house, you walked in and seen a radio, you grabbed the radio and listened to it, someone on the radio said "I think the rake is heading to the safe house, if anyone is there close the door NOW!", what will you do?



The rake is here, he's breaking the roof to get you (Even though the door isn't shut, if you didn't shut it), what will you do?



You ran, but suddenly you tripped and you're falling in this well!



You're all wet, since there was water there. The take lost you and headed to the darkness.



You tried to get out of the well but the rocks are too slippery for you to climb on, the rope that holds the bucket is too thin to support your weight...



Some person found you and pulled you out, she said "we should get to Base Camp." you both went to the location and waited there.



She said "The rake is near, we must sneak away!" you both tried to sneaked away, but the rake spotted you both and is coming!



(If you tripped the person, she has gotten k*lled) you (both) went to this tower and climbed it.



You hear the rake, he is nearby...



Daylight came and the rake ran back to his cave.



A helicopter came and the person in it said "Hey! Get in!"


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