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Ivo - responding to Nerdguy again. :-)

In this quiz i am responding to my conversation with my lovable, kind, considerate and smart friend Nerdguy .
By Ivo :-)


Is that you, Nerdguy ?



I looked up the guy whom you compared to me. I liked his gentle and cheerful style, but again, it is not me.
Do you believe me?



In his latest test as of this one, Nerdguy wrote that he did not have ideas for compliments but actually, he made me one - the statement that my alphabet forum games are fun.
Thank you. :-)
Do you understand and believe this?



Are you happy for me having many friends?



Again. I think that online friendships are as genuine, as offline ones because in either case, real people have real thoughts, feelings and emotions. :-)
Do you understand this?



I have an idea.
Nerdguy , what about making a test where you examine the Nerdtests community on things that you know about me? I mean, a regular test about Ivo Atanasov, also known as Ivokyuftaf6666 ? :-)



I am elated to be your good friend. :-)
Do you understand this? A a ?



I saw the link in your latest quiz. This inspires me toask you...
Have you ever mentioned me on another website?



My good ans sweet friend, please, reveal your face again. :-)
Thank you in advance!



Poppy looks very cute and sweet, I like her mist of all your female crushes you have shared on Nerdtests. :-)
Do you believe me?



Do you believe me that I never run out of ideas? ^_^



Nerdguy, your appearance on Nerdtests is uplifting. ^_^ Do you believe?



Again, i really consider your appearance on Nerdtests uplifting. :-)
Do you believe me?


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