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Do you prefer Apple or Android?

This test will find out whether you like Apple or Android better. The higher the percentage means you prefer Apple. The lower the percentage means you prefer Android.

In conclusion, if you scored or scored more than 50%, you prefer Apple. If you scored or scored less than 49%, you prefer Android.

Remember, the answers will NOT be provided at the end of the quiz.


How old are you? (Does not affect score)



Male or female? (Again, does not affect score)



Do you mostly have Apple devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.) or Android devices (e.g. Android phone/Pixel, Android Tablet/Pixel Slate, Google Wear OS, etc.)(including Xiaomi but excluding Huawei)?



Do you like Sundar Pichai (Google CEO) or Tim Cook (Apple CEO)?



Would you prefer Apple devices or Android devices?



Which browser do you prefer?



If it was for you to choose, would you rather have a Pixel 3a or an iPhone Xs?



If you have both an Apple and Android device, which email app would you prefer, Mail (Apple), or Email (Android)?



To yourself, do you prefer Android than Apple?



Last question: Do you develop?


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