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Minecraft block/item guessing

i give u info on a block{s}/item{s} and u will guess the block if u think there are 2 or 3 that do the same thing u can select that and it might just might include secret blocks/items test your minecraft knowledge i am 9 i am sorry for spelling errors


the block/item is a see thru block/invisible and unbreakable



the block/item helps with making your enchantment table do better levels



the block runs commands it can do lots it can be always active or need redstone to power it it has 3 types/modes



it has 8 or 7 slices you can eat it it is orange 'ish brown and red



it is something u need always in survival 2 survive u use it to craft things



the skeleton has it you pull it back for farther range
it requires arrows



it plays music discs



it powers redstone and redstone objects you can toggle it on and off #2 you can put it on subtract mode or some other mode idk



it is in lakes, seas, and oceans



free one select any choice but dont select answer 1


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