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Are You Meant to Be a Werewolf?

Here's a test to see if you should be a werewolf. No one actually reads this so I'm gonna move on now.


First off, do you believe in werewolves?



Do you like meat?



You like your steak...



If you have a pet, which do you have? If you don't, which do you want?



What do you think of wolf hunting?



What's your opinion on zoos?



If you had the chance, would you be a werewolf?



K, here's a scenario. You suddenly wake up in a room. You are strapped to a chair. Around you, you see a vampire, a zombie, an angel, a demon, a unicorn, a werewolf, and a bunch of other supernatural creatures. They're talking, and they don't notice you for a few minutes. Then, the vampire goes "She/he's awake!". The whole room is silent. The vampire walks up to you. "Hello," he says. "You've been chosen to be supernatural creature. What do you pick?". He unties you and tells you to go to whoever you want to transform you. Who do you walk over to?



You are walking through the forest. You see a werewolf. What do you do?



Ok, last question. You and your family go out to dinner. What do you order?



Lol, got you that wasn't the last question. What is your favorite time?


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